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What is the carbon arc lamp aging test equipment

2021-09-29 11:54
Aging tester test equipment mainly includes xenon lamp, ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, carbon arc lamp three types.
Xenon lamp aging test chamber


Carbon arc lamp aging test chamber use method:

Carbon arc lamp aging test chamber any type of xenon lamp aging test chamber lamp output will be decayed with time. The leading xenon arc lamp aging tester uses a reactive circuit control system to compensate for this. With this system, the operator can preset the irradiance level, and the irradiance sensor in the test chamber measures the light. When the lamp aging output decay, the system will increase the power of the xenon lamp to actively compensate.  

Carbon arc lamp aging test chamber applications:

Carbon arc lamp aging tester is a comprehensive climate test device, in addition to climate aging test, but also for high points of the material light resistance test, that is, polymer materials exposed to artificial light sources simulating the spectrum of daylight through the glass to evaluate the light resistance of the material. From light energy, temperature, the main climatic factors to simulate and enhance the test; the use of xenon arc lamp can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves present in different environments; xenon lamp climate test chamber can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration test for scientific research, product development and quality control, can be used for the selection of new materials, improve existing materials or assess the change in durability of materials after changes in composition and other tests It is suitable for plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, inks, paper, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, textiles, automotive parts, packaging materials, construction materials, electrical products, etc.
UV Carbon Arc weather Meter

Carbon arc lamp aging test chamber structure characteristics:

1. Xenon lamp weathering tester (desktop) shell for cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying or high-quality stainless steel plate, the inner liner for high-quality mirror stainless steel plate.
2. Radiation light source for air-cooled full solar spectrum xenon lamp, irradiation intensity automatic tracking, black plate temperature can be precisely controlled, irradiation cycle, dark cycle can be freely set according to the relevant test standards or customer requirements.
3. Xenon lamp weatherproof test chamber (desktop) controller can be selected according to the user's own needs imported touch screen controller or intelligent digital display controller.
4. The unique drawer type specimen tray provides a quick, easy and flexible way to install specimens.
5. Xenon lamp weatherproof test chamber is equipped with UV irradiation sensor, which can make timely corrections to the decline in light energy caused by aging of the lamp or any other changes. UV irradiation sensor allows you to select the appropriate light irradiation in the test process. 
6. UV irradiation sensor can continuously monitor the light irradiation intensity in the irradiation chamber and precisely maintain the irradiation intensity at the operating setting by adjusting the power of the lamp.
7. Timing device: In order to record the working time of each test, the equipment is equipped with a timer on the operation panel, which can control the time of the equipment, and the equipment is automatically shut down at the end of timing.

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