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Taber abrasion testing machine for GB/T4085-2015 test method

2021-09-27 13:45
About the test method of "semi-rigid PVC block flooring", this standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, grade and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, transportation and storage of semi-rigid PVC block flooring (hereinafter referred to as flooring). taber abrasion resistance tester can be used for the abrasion resistance test in it.
Falling sand abrasion tester consists of the following components (as shown in the figure).
Taber abrasion testing machine

1. Horizontal rotating test bench: diameter is greater than 105mm, the upper surface is horizontal and capable of placing test pieces. The test bench is able to rotate around the central axis with a speed of 60±2rpm.
2. Two cylindrical grinding wheels wrapped with leather: the grinding wheels are made of metal or hard plastic, with a diameter of 42mm and a width of 12.7mm, and can rotate freely around the fixed axis. The leather sheet wrapped on the grinding wheel is about 13 mm wide and 4 mm~5 mm thick. a 10 mm diameter steel ball is placed on the leather and loaded with a load of (10±0.1) N. After 30 s, the leather sheet should have a residual depression of 0.3 mm~0.5 mm. The abrasive wheels wrapped around the leather piece need to be sanded with 240-purpose sandpaper at 500 rpm before the first use.
The two grinding wheels can form a circular track on the surface of the test piece with an area of about 3000 mm2. When the diameter of the grinding wheel of the wrapped leather piece is less than 44.4 mm, the grinding wheel should be replaced.
3. Rotation counter: after reaching the set number of rotating revolutions, it can make the rotating platform stop rotating automatically.
4. Container: The upper end is open and can hold at least 200 g of abrasive. The bottom of the container has a height-adjustable sand drop tube, the bottom of which is (10±3) mm from the surface of the test piece and can be closed quickly.
5. Vacuum cleaner: capable of sucking out the abrasive and the particles being ground down.
abrasion testing machine

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