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Leather testing standards

2021-09-13 11:20
Bag testing will involve leather testing, so what is leather testing it, what are the items of leather testing, and what is the standard, take you to understand the standards and projects of leather testing.

Leather testing items:

Chemical performance test: pH, hexavalent inscription content, formaldehyde content, prohibited azo dyes, odor, fur volatiles content volume, leather water content and volatiles

Color fastness: rubbing color fastness, color fastness to water stains, color fastness to perspiration stains, color fastness to light

Content determination: formaldehyde content, hexavalent chromium, azo, heavy metals, PCP, TeCP, OPP, free fatty acid content amount, organic tin compounds

Material identification: material identification (leather, fur/artificial leather/synthetic leather, etc.)

Analysis items: composition analysis, toxic and harmful substances detection, environmental protection detection, azo test

Leather testing standards

Leather testing standards:

GB/T16799-2008 leather for furniture
GB/T4689.21-1996 leather water absorption determination method
GB/T4689.22-1996 leather breathability determination method
GB/T4690-1984 leather finished part of the distinction
GB/T4689.20-1996 leather coating adhesion fastness determination method
GB/T19940-2005 powdered inscription release agent hexavalent chromium ion determination method
GB/T19941-2005 leather and fur chemical test for the determination of formaldehyde content
GB/T19942-2005 leather and fur chemical test the determination of prohibited azo dyes
GB20400-2006 leather and fur harmful substances limit
GB/T 22807-2008 leather and fur chemical test of hexavalent inscription content determination
GB/T 22808-2008 leather and fur chemical test determination of the content of pentachlorophenol
GB/T 22886-2008 leather color fastness test water stains color fastness
GB/T22888-2008 leather physical and mechanical test surface coating low temperature brittle cracking temperature determination
GB/T22889-2008 leather physical and mechanical testing of the determination of the thickness of the surface coating
GB/T22890-2008 leather physical and mechanical test soft leather waterproof performance determination

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