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How to carry out textile waterproof performance testing?

2021-09-08 08:48
Many textile testing organizations do waterproof performance tests on their products. They simply pour some water to see if there is any penetration. As a specialized textile testing machine manufacturer , qinsun here clearly tells you that this is a wrong behavior!

How to perform textile waterproof performance testing?

Waterproof performance refers to the ability of fabrics to resist being wetted and penetrated by water. The indicators of the waterproof performance of the fabric include the wetness level, the hydrostatic pressure resistance level, and the water penetration rate. Under what circumstances should the hydrostatic pressure be tested? Is it necessary to test the level of wetness? Does the amount of water penetration also need to be tested at the same time?
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Anti-static water pressure rating

The degree to which the fabric resists penetration by water. Anti-hydrostatic textiles are a kind of fabrics with special functions. They are not only widely used, but also developed rapidly. They are generally used in outdoor sports jackets, household tablecloths, daily raincoats, umbrellas, and swimming suits and diving suits.
Due to the different principles of waterproofing, when companies submit for inspection, they should first select the required test items according to the different uses of the product or the characteristics of the product.
Secondly, for some fabrics with special processing technology, special attention should be paid. For example, products without film or coating technology rely on the tight arrangement of yarns to prevent water penetration. The hydrostatic pressure value is difficult to exceed 20kPa. Choose carefully at the time.
Third, the product standard clearly stipulates, such as FZ/T81010—2018 "Wind Coat" "It is clearly stated that products with waterproof (rain) should be assessed at the same time for hydrostatic pressure resistance and water wet rating"; Products with anti-humidity performance are only assessed for the level of wetness".

How should the product "waterproof performance" be marked?

For the labeling of the function of "waterproof performance" of clothing, there are no fixed templates or mandatory requirements in the tag. As long as the product passes the relevant standards and passes the test, the tag can be designed according to the company's own needs.
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