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330 American ASTM textile standards

2021-09-08 08:53
Here is the qinsun textile testing instrument manufacturer to introduce you to the 330 ASTM textiles istandards in the United States:
ASTM D 5141-1996 Standard Test Method for Determining Filtering Efficiency and Flow Rate of a Geotextile for Silt Fence Application Using Site-Specific Soil R(1999)
ASTM D 4911-1994(Discontinued)Standard Tolerances for Yarns Made of Man-Made Fibers and Spun on the Parallel Worsted or Modified Worsted System(Discontinued 2000;No Replacement)
ASTM D 4854-1995 Standard Guide for Estimating the Magnitude of Variability from Expected Sources in Sampling Plans R(2001)
ASTM D 4920-1998 Standard Terminology Relating to Moisture in Textiles
ASTM D 4970-2002 Standard Test Method for Pilling Resistance and Other Related Surface Changes of Textiles Fabrics:Martindale Tester
ASTM D 5104-2002 Standard Test Method for Shrinkage of Textile Fibers(Single-Fiber Test
ASTM D 5070-1990 Standard Test Method for Synthetic Quaternary Ammonium S alt s in Fabric Softeners by Potentiometric Titrations R(1997)
ASTM D 5038-2001 Standard Terminology of Textile Conservation

qinsun insteruments
ASTM D 5035-1995 Standard Test Method for Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics(Strip Method) 
ASTM D 5034-1995 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics(Grab Test)R(2001) 
ASTM D 4966-1998 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics(Martindale Abrasion Tester Method) 
ASTM D 4849b-2002 Standard Termninology Relating to Yarns and Fibers 
ASTM D 4845-1996 Standard Terminology Relating to Wool 
ASTM D 4848-1998 Standard Terminology of Force,Deformation and Related Properties of Textiles 
ASTM D 4851-1997 Standard Test Methods for Coated and Laminated Fabrics for Architectural Use 
ASTM D 4852-1988 Standard Practice for uation of Attached Upholstery Fabrics R(2000) 
ASTM D 4853-1997 Standard Guide for Reducing Test Variability R(2002) 
ASTM D 4721-1989 Standard Practice for uation of the Performance of Machine Washable and Drycleanable Bedcoverings and Accessories R(2000) 
ASTM D 4723-1999 Standard Index of and Descriptions of Textile Heat and Flammability Test Methods and Performance Specifications 
ASTM D 4769-1988 Standard Specification for Woven and Warp Knitted Comforter Fabrics R(2000) 
ASTM D 4772-1997 Standard Test Method for Surface Water Absorption of Terry Fabrics(Water Flow) 
ASTM D 4391a-1993 Standard Terminology Relating to The Burning Behavior of Textiles 
ASTM D 4522-1986 Standard Performance Specification for Feather-Filled and Down-Filled Products E(1993)R(1993) 
ASTM D 4720-1987 Standard Practice for uation of the Performance of Soft Window Coverings R(2000) 
ASTM D 4697-1995 Standard Guide for Maintaining Test Methods in the User's Laboratory R(2001) 
ASTM D 4686-1991 Standard Guide for Identification and Transformation of Frequency Distributions R(1998) 
ASTM D 4467-1994 Standard Practice for Interlaboratory Testing of a Textile Test Method That Produces Non-Normally Distributed Data R(2001) 
ASTM D 4466-2002 Standard Terminology for Multicomponent Textile Fibers 
ASTM D 4524-1986 Standard Test Method for Composition of Plumage R(2000) 
ASTM D 461-1993 Standard Test Methods for Felt 
ASTM D 4389-1999 Standard Specification for Finished Glass Fabrics Woven from Rovings 
ASTM D 4356-1984 Standard Practice for Establishing Consistent Test Method Tolerances R(1996)建 
ASTM D 4271-1988 Standard Practice for Writing Statements on Sampling in Test Methods for Textiles R(2001 )
ASTM D 4270-1995 Standard Guide for Using Existing Practices in Developing and Writing Test Methods R(2001) 
ASTM D 4235-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Women's and Girls'Knitted Blouse and Dress Fabrics 
ASTM D 4234-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Women's and Girls'Knitted Robe,Negligee,Nightgown,Pajama,Slip,and Lingerie Fabrics 
ASTM D 4233-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Women's and Girls'Knitted and Woven Brassiere Fabrics 
ASTM D 4232-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Men's and Women's Dress and Vocational Career Apparel Fabrics 
ASTM D 4120-2001 Standard Test Method for Fiber Cohesion in Roving,Sliver,and Top in Dynamic Tests 
ASTM D 4114a-2002 Standard Performance Specification for Woven Flat Lining Fabrics for Womens and Girls Apparel 
ASTM D 4112a-2002 Standard Performance Specification for Woven Umbrella Fabrics 
ASTM D 4119-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Men's and Boys'Knitted Dress Shirt Fabrics 
ASTM D 4118-2001 Standard Performance Specification for Women's Woven Coverall,Dungaree,Overall,and Shop Coat Fabrics 

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