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5 reasons to buy Sublimation Fastness Tester

2021-08-06 14:25
Sublimation Fastness Tester(sublimation fastness tester) is a suitable instrument for dyestuff. manufacturers as well as textile processors for checking effects of,dry heat on dyestuff. Before purchasing the Sublimation Fastness Tester, you must first understand the knowledge before you can buy the best test instrument!
Why to sublimation fastness and Sublimation Test?
Sublimation is the process of phase change from solid to gas , without going into liquid phase. Fastness to sublimation is probably the most important requirement of dyed polyester, apart from fastness to light.When testing, dyed sample pasting with one or two prescribed adjacent fabric contact closely with heating device, heated in a certain time under specified temperature and pressure.
What are the problems caused by poor sublimation fastness?
1. Primary color changes
2. Compare the dyeing of adjacent fibers in dyed fabrics.
3. The color yield and fixation rate of printed matter are poor during thermal fixation.
4. Contrast color sewing and embroidery products after sewing and embroidery, dyeing polyester sewing thread dyeing.
5. Cross staining during storage.
Sublimation Fastness Tester(sublimation fastness tester)
How to avoid the problem of poor sublimation fastness?
Since the problem of poor sublimation is related to the polarity of the substation group in the dye molecule, the following steps are recommended to avoid this problem:
1. Preheat and set most fabrics before dyeing.
2. Carefully select dyes so that all component yarns have satisfactory fastness in a multi-color/contrasting color design, where the fabric is heat-set.
3. Choose high sublimation dyes for dark shades, and medium/low sublimation dyes for light shades.
4. The sublimation fastness is affected by the dyeing conditions and the dyeing cycle, so the dyeing cycle must be optimized to obtain the best sublimation fastness.
How to test the sublimation fastness of disperse dyes?
The sublimation fastness of disperse dyes is usually tested by dyeing and hue changes, tested at 180 oC / 210 oC for 30 seconds, and rated on a 1-5 gray scale.
Which is the most widely used method of color fastness test?
Colorfastness tests are conducted under standard methods. The ISO is considered the most widely used standard, since this an amalgamation of representation from all standard bodies, although AATCC is also equally relevant.
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