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Analysis of the structure and principle of the washing durability tester

2021-04-30 18:34
Paint is a special main material in home decoration, accounting for 80% of the entire decoration area. The paint directly determines the overall decoration effect and the room environment, and directly affects the health of the family. The scrub resistance of the paint is not as high as possible. Scrub resistance refers to the number of reciprocating wet scrubbing times on a scrub resistance tester made according to the standard with a specific brush on a designated scrub resistance tester. It reflects the compactness and chalking resistance of the paint film surface. Some latex paints are very resistant to scrubbing under normal construction, but under abnormal construction (such as excessive water mixing, or when the wall putty is loose and thick), the scrubbing resistance of high-quality paints will also decrease. The correct way to clean the stained surface of the coating film with good scrub resistance is to use a soft cloth dipped in a cleaning agent and gently wipe it with clean water to restore it to its original state. However, the number of times of scrubbing resistance of latex paint is not that the more scrubbing times the better, blindly increasing the number of scrubbing resistance will increase the cost, and at the same time other properties will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between the number of scrubbing resistance and other properties and cost, so that the latex paint has better scrub resistance and other properties without loss, and has a reasonable cost.
The paint scrubbing resistance tester is an instrument used to evaluate the scrubbing resistance of paints. It can also be used to evaluate any film composite treated surface. Such as paint, electroplating, floor, overlay, wood density and other forms of surface performance, the device scrubs the paint applied on the standard test panel, the number of scrubbing can be directly read by the counter, and can be evaluated according to the number of scrubbing resistance. The importance and necessity of the detection of paint resistance to scrubbing. This instrument is used in conjunction with national standards and is an indispensable testing instrument for paint manufacturers and paint research departments
Working principle and main structure of scrub resistance tester:
The motor uses a mechanical transmission mechanism to make the brush perform a reciprocating linear motion to complete the washing process of the test board. The control circuit realizes the functions of setting, displaying and testing termination of the washing times. The instrument is mainly composed of motor, transmission structure, brush parts, water supply system, test plate pressing device and circuit control system.
Scrub resistance tester:
Scope of application:
Painted or unpainted surfaces need brushes, sponges, scouring pads, sandpaper or other methods to test the resistance to scrubbing. The scrub resistance tester can use wet scrubbing to perform friction resistance tests by adding friction agents or detergents. It is usually used in the scrub resistance test of interior wall coatings, floor tiles, shower rooms and furniture surfaces.
Technical Parameters:
1. Customized scrubbing speed: 6~60 reciprocating/min;
2. Custom reciprocating times: up to 100,000;
3. At most 3 brushes or mat bases can be placed on the scrubbing test arm to improve the test efficiency;
4. There are multiple accessories to choose to meet ASTM ISO and DIN standards;
5. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the test arm is 4kg (8.8lbs);
6. Stroke length 28cm;
7. Power supply: AC220v 50Hz

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