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QINSUN G505 Filtration Efficiency Tester Project of Institute of Flue Gas Pollution Control Tsinghua University

2021-04-01 17:18
University introduction
The School of Environment of Tsinghua University originated from the Department of Municipal Engineering established in 1928. Under the leadership of Mr. Tao Baokai, the founder of the discipline of environmental engineering in my country, it has gradually developed and grown through the hard work of several generations. The first environmental engineering major in my country was established in 1977, and the environmental engineering department was established in 1984. In 1988, it was rated as the only key environmental engineering discipline in my country; in 1997, it was renamed as the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering. Engineering is a national key discipline. In 2009 and 2013, it won the first place in environmental science and engineering first-level discipline in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education twice; in 2011, it was developed into the School of Environmental Science on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University.

In recent decades, under the strong support of relevant ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, under the direct leadership of the party committees and administrations of the school, all teachers, students and staff Through hard work, the School of Environment has made outstanding achievements in discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, teaching staff, base construction, and international cooperation. Established a discipline system focusing on environmental engineering, environmental science, environmental management, municipal engineering, radiation protection and environmental protection, and ecology, and formed a team of academic leaders with Academician Qian Yi, Academician Hao Jiming and Academician He Kebin as academic leaders. The high-level faculty has cultivated a large number of environmental protection engineering technology, scientific research and administrative management talents. 7 teachers and alumni of environmental disciplines have been elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; the "National Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control" has been established, "United Nations Environment Programme Basel Convention Asia-Pacific Regional Coordination Center" and other high-level open research institutions, long-term director unit of the "Environmental Science and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee" and "Environmental Engineering Teaching Steering Subcommittee" of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education , Provides technical services, theoretical support and decision support for the resolution of major national environmental problems and the implementation of sustainable development strategies, and has become an important environmental protection high-level talent training base and high-level scientific research center in China, in the field of environmental protection in China Enjoy a very high reputation.

Project Background
With the increasingly serious environmental problems in my country, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and governance. Environmental protection has risen to the stage of national strategic level. As a well-known national institution of higher learning, the School of Environment of Tsinghua University will inevitably shoulder a heavy responsibility for environmental protection. The Institute of Smoke Pollution Control of Tsinghua University serves as a national key scientific research project in air pollution and control topics.
At present, in terms of pollution and treatment, the G505 dust filtration efficiency tester of Shanghai Qianshi Company fully meets the comprehensive performance of the research on air filtration materials by the Institute of Smoke Pollution Treatment of Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University finally requires the company to participate after multi-party market research. With the participation of many international brands in the fierce bidding work, Shanghai Qianshi finally relied on its high-quality product quality, adjustable performance to adapt to a variety of test standards, and the professional technical team finally won the bidding meeting and won the cooperation project.

G505 filter material static filtration performance tester
Standards compliant:
VDI 3926 Part 1:2004, ASTM D6830-02:2008, JIS Z 8909-1:2005, GB/T 6719:2009, VDI 3926-II, EN 779, VDI 3926-II, DIN 71460-I ,ISO 11 155 -1
product details:
This filter performance tester is mainly used to test the filter performance of filter materials (Method 2). The equipment itself is easy to operate, compact and sturdy in design.
It can quickly and easily adjust the concentration value of the filter test dust, and the actual use simulation is high, simulating a variety of actual conditions. After filtering, the particle size and concentration are measured online by the digital system of the light scattering spectrometer.
Multi-point features:
The G505 filter material filtration performance tester is easy to use and efficient in testing. It can make the daily testing work in the laboratory simple, and has multiple uses, flexible use, and safety and stability.
Easy to use:
G505 adopts a simple iconized operation interface, which is easy to understand and use, and users can realize proficient operation according to the instructions.
Accurate and reliable:
Professional and reliable detection devices, good repeatability, to ensure that your test results are more accurate and reliable.
The best choice for bag filter testing:
The G505 filter material filtration performance tester evaluates the filter performance of the filter material through comprehensive performance tests such as the resistance and efficiency of the filter material clean, aging and stable process. It is suitable for the quality control of filter material industrial production enterprises and the product of filter material research and development enterprises. Performance verification, filter material filtration performance testing services of third-party testing agencies, and environmental protection agencies’ quality supervision of marketed products.
Suitable for a variety of test materials:
G505 adopts a simple iconized operation interface, which is easy to understand and use, and users can realize proficient operation according to the instructions.
Applicable to multiple fields:
Professional and reliable detection devices, good repeatability, to ensure that your test results are more accurate and reliable.

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