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Walter Thermal manikin ship to National Textile University Pakistan

2021-03-16 23:04

QINSUN WALTER Thermal manikin system ship to Pakistan National Textile University

National Textile University (NTU) Karachi campus has been established at Synthetic Fibre Development and Application Centre (SFDAC) Karachi. This Centre was established in March 1994 by the Federal Government in collaboration with UNDP/UINDO, to help the industry especially in the promotion of Export of value added textiles. Later, in order to meet Eco and environmental parameters imposed by Germany and European Union on textile goods imported in these countries, ECO textile laboratories were setup at SFDAC. The Centre provides services to industry in areas such as product and human resource development, quality control/testing of materials, evaluation of textile products meant for export. Textile industry in Pakistan is one of the most important sectors of our economic activity and has great socio-economic significance being the largest employment provider. 

QINSUN Walter Thermal manikin is a groundbreaking evaluation system for testing the functionality and comfort level of various clothing designs and materials. It helps determine how clothing interacts with the body, assisting the design of safer and more comfortable clothing, particularly for individuals working in extreme environments: i.e. athletes, soldiers, firefighters, and astronauts or consumers who simply demand the best.

QINSUN Walter works using a series of integrated matrix of temperature and humidity sensors connecting the manikin and the clothing being tested to a computer, which controls and monitors the rate of heat loss and perspiration.

It analyses the function and comfort of clothing made of different designs and fabrics based on the measurement and interpretation of the dynamic of heat and moisture transfer from the human body to the environment.

Per NTU requirements, QINSUN has shipped this Walter Thermal manikin system on time which ordered on 2020.
In 2021, QINSUN team will have online installation and training service for NTU.
We are sure that NTU professors and students will work out lots more higher technical new textile material under this Thermal manikin system monitor.

More information regarding Walter thermal manikin system, see below link:

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