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Electrostatic voltage attention tester can monitor at any time

2021-02-26 14:23
Electrostatic attenuation tester is an instrument for testing the electrostatic diffusivity of various materials. The sample is charged due to the irradiation of air ions produced by halo discharge. After the irradiation of air ions stops, the attenuation curve of charge is measured by the tester, and the half-life of voltage attenuation is automatically calculated by the analyzer.

It is a testing instrument for investigating the electrostatic expansibility of various materials. Samples are charged due to the irradiation of air ions generated by electro-optics. After the irradiation of air ions stops, the attenuation curve of charge is measured by a tester, and the half-life of voltage attenuation is automatically calculated by an analyzer.

By connecting the tester and the analyzer, the electrostatic attenuation of various materials can be automatically measured by pressing a button. The charging method does not depend on friction, does not damage the sample, and correctly measures the charging record.

Static Decay Meter

As we all know, static electricity is everywhere in our daily life, and too much static electricity will cause incalculable losses to production. Therefore, there is an instrument that can know the amount of static electricity in time and determine the parts with serious static electricity. Our Surface Resistivity and Static Decay tester is an important static electricity testing tool. Different static electricity quantity, different static electricity removing methods are chosen.

Sometimes, an economical static electricity removing solution can be directly chosen to solve this problem. Just press the button of the tester gently, you can specify the static electricity quantity of the parts, without spending a lot of time to experiment and compare. Static electricity can be monitored at any time without worrying about exceeding the standard.
main application

The electrostatic attenuation performance tester for medical fabrics is used to test the electrostatic attenuation time of samples from peak voltage to 10% after applying 5000 V voltage to textile and clothing, medical fabric materials, nonwovens, composite materials and film materials.

Static Decay Meter Applicable standards

GB 19082-2009 technical requirements for medical disposable fabrics

IST40.2(01)《Standard Test Method for Electrostatic Decay of Nonwoven Fabrics》

Technical indicators

1. The whole instrument of medical fabric electrostatic attenuation tester adopts four modules:

1) 5000v voltage control module

2) High voltage discharge module;

3) decay voltage random test module;

4) Static attenuation time test module;

2. Electrostatic high voltage source: 5500 V; Test electrostatic voltage: 0 ~ 5kV

3. Selection range of electrostatic attenuation: 0 ~ (0 ~ 90%)

4. Discharge time range: 0 ~ 99.99 s/m/h, accuracy: ±0.01s s.

5. Test range of attenuation time: 0 ~ 99.99 s/m/h, accuracy: ±0.01s s.

Sample size: 89mm× (152 6) mm

7. Equipment function: Real-time display of attenuation voltage-time curve of sample surface, and attenuation magnification can be set. And generate a test report

8. Test box: a sealed box made of plexiglass. The replacement sample can be operated transparently.

9. Working power supply: AC 220 V; 50Hz

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