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Which test materials are used in the synthetic blood penetration tester of medical masks?

2021-02-22 14:46
Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester is suitable for measuring the anti-synthetic blood splash penetration performance of medical masks. It can be used by medical inspection departments, safety inspection departments and scientific research units to evaluate their safety protection performance.
Applicable Standards:
GB19083-2010: technical requirements for medical protective masks;
YY 0469-2011: Medical surgical masks;
YY/T0691-2008: Test method for penetration resistance of medical masks for infectious pathogen protection equipment to synthetic blood (fixed volume, horizontal injection);
Characteristics of Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester:
Operating instructions of synthetic blood penetration tester for medical masks include operating procedures and safety measures. Please read the manual carefully before installing and using the instrument to ensure the safety of use and the accuracy of test results. Our company strongly recommends users to read this operation manual, and will not bear any responsibility for the consequences caused by not operating the synthetic blood penetration tester of medical masks strictly according to this operation instruction.
Test Steps:
A) pull the handle of the sample holder at the upper left of the instrument and pull down the sample holder to the left. Fix the sample (which is required to be tested within 60s after being taken out of the pretreatment room in the standard) on the sample holder. If the mask has wrinkles, unfold and fix the wrinkles on the sample holder to ensure that the target area is a single layer of material, and take the center of the sample as the test target area. Close the sample holder.
B) Press the "Start" key. At this time, a certain amount of synthetic blood (surface tension: ﹙0.042±0.002﹚N/m﹚ N/m ﹚) is sprayed to the measured mask behind the positioning target in the horizontal direction. The spraying starts, and the time relay starts timing. After the set spraying time, the automatic spraying of the instrument stops.
C) After 10s, the buzzer sounds, and press the "Stop" button to open the sample holder. Under suitable illumination conditions, check whether synthetic blood appears on the observation surface of the sample.
D) End of one test. If it is necessary to continue the test, repeat steps A-C until all the tests are finished.
▲ After all the tests are finished, clean the residual liquid of synthetic blood in the test solution tank, replace it with distilled water, and clean the whole pipeline. After the nozzle sprays clear water, continue to drain all the clear water in the test solution tank. Close the outlet valve on the air compressor and turn off the power switch. Wash the residual liquid tray, clean the working surface, and remove the distilled water from the test solution box.

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