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Welcome to order Qinsun's EN iso 9237 air permeability tester

2021-02-19 10:24
The gas permeability tester adopts the principle of differential pressure test, which is specially suitable for testing the gas permeability of various high permeability materials such as battery diaphragm and breathable film and related polymer products.

EN iso 9237 air permeability tester is a testing instrument designed and produced by Qinsun for all kinds of textiles. This equipment was once out of stock in 2020, and many customers even had to wait in line for orders. In 2021, Qinsun has fully resumed work. If you need laboratory air permeability tester, please feel free to contact us.

shirley air permeability tester

Air Permeability Test Equipment applicability

(1) It is suitable for testing the air permeability of textile materials, such as cloth and non-woven fabrics.

(2) It is suitable for testing air permeability and air resistance of automotive interior materials, such as polyurethane, PVC, leather, textiles, nonwovens, etc.

(3) It is suitable for testing the air permeability of porous elastic polymer materials, such as sponges.

(4) It is suitable for testing the air permeability of leather materials.

(5) It can also be extended to test the air permeability of paper materials, such as daily paper drawing and roll paper.

(6) It can meet many national and international standards, such as GB/T 5453, ISO 9237, ISO 4638, ISO 5636, GB/T 10655, GB/T 4689.22, GB/T 13764, ASTM D737, TAPPI T460, JIS P8117, etc.

Frazier differential pressure air permeability tester advantage

1, computer control, automatically complete the test.

2. Touch operation is easy to learn and use.

3. Import high-precision pressure sensors to ensure test accuracy and repeatability.

4. Pneumatic clamping of the sample with consistent strength saves time and effort and avoids manual operation errors.

5. The imported pneumatic control system has ultra-low failure rate and long service life, ensuring good overall sealing of the system.

6. Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the test environment, intelligent statistics and records.

7, three mean design, a single test issued by the average of three samples.

8. Real-time display of pressure curve is convenient for observation and analysis of permeation process.

9. Support the multi-unit conversion function to meet the user's requirements for special units of measurement.

10. Test function, sample area and test pressure can be customized flexibly.

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