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The matters about respiratory resistance tester of masks

2021-02-01 16:27
For ordinary consumers, the most practical feeling about the breathing resistance of masks is "whether it is stuffy or not". Here, we use the Mask Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester G293 produced in international standards to measure the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of respirators and masks under specified conditions, and to test and inspect the common masks by the manufacturers of the national labor protection products inspection agency.

The experimenter puts the mask on the model's face, fastens the nose clip, wraps the face tightly and fits it completely, and then tests the breathing resistance of the mask by simulating human breath.

Mask Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester Sample Preparation:

Make a certain number of samples to be tested with reference to the introduction in "Sample Preparation". The number of samples shall generally not be less than 5. Visual inspection of the sample, the sample should have no obvious defects.

Test sample size and cycle requirements: test sample size: 8-10; Testing period: 2-5 working days.

Inspection Period & Precautions for Sample Delivery of Mask:

The sample size and test cycle of mask test shall be determined according to the actual situation of the test items;

If the mask needs pretreatment, the detection cycle needs to be increased by 3-4 days;

Samples sent for inspection must be packed in good condition to ensure aseptic sampling and sub-packaging.

Carry out the test:

(1) Set time and test flow;

(2) Wear the sample to be tested on the test head die, and adjust the wearing position of the mask and the tightness of the head to ensure the tight fit between the mask and the test head die. In the test process, take appropriate measures to avoid sample adsorption at the mouth of respiratory pipeline;

(3) Click the test to start the test;

(4) After the test is finished, the system automatically judges the test result, and the test result shows qualified/unqualified; Remarks: The standard stipulates that the inhalation resistance of the mask is ≤ 175 Pa when the gas flow rate is 85L/min; Expiratory resistance ≤145Pa.

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