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What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester?

2021-01-18 17:59

What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester?

The automated respirator filter tester for masks detects the filter efficiency and resistance of mask filter material, and the ventilation resistance δ p of plane mask. Its technical specifications can meet the requirements for testing the filtration efficiency and ventilation resistance of masks. It is suitable for the quality inspection of mask products and the inspection of raw materials in stereo mask manufacturers.

It is suitable for the quality inspection of mask products and the inspection of raw materials in medical flat mask enterprises. It is suitable for the quality inspection of protective clothing in medical protective clothing enterprises. It is suitable for the third-party testing organization to test the related indexes of mask products.

Advantages of Mask Filter Efficiency Tester

The instrument adopts chip-level design, realizes miniaturization of the instrument by micro-control, and realizes man-machine interaction through touch screen. Intuitive display of test results, system status information and operating parameters greatly reduces the amount of training for users and improves work efficiency. The test results are accurate. Provide calibration filter paper, which is used for regular calibration of filter efficiency test results in the instrument host part.

Mask automatic filtering efficiency tester Multi-point calibration is adopted, and the test result data can be compared with TSI 8130 test data. Comprehensive test data and information. In order to facilitate users to make statistical analysis of the test situation, the test display of the instrument contains test data and test conditions, and the instrument has its own stylus printer, so the test results can be printed and saved directly.

Because of the simple operation, the technical level requirements for the instrument operators are reduced, thus greatly reducing the indirect use cost of the instrument. The instrument has simple maintenance, no wearing parts and low maintenance cost.

Mask automatic filtering efficiency testerdetail

1. Touch screen control, English menu, man-machine dialogue mode, easy operation.
2. Built-in thermal printer, it is convenient to quickly print test results on site.
3. Two modes of breath detection and inhalation detection can be set.
4. The automatic switching device of the respirator pipeline solves the problem that the tester pulls out the
pipe and accidentally connects the pipeline when testing.
5. 3D printed standard head mold, which simulates the actual inhalation and exhalation of the human body,
improving the accuracy of the data.

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