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Imported dry cleaning machine

Description:Import business dry cleaning machine, imported dry cleaning test machine fully meet international standards, your best choice

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Imported dry cleaning machine

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Full automatic dry cleaning machine /laundry machine is suitable for the determination of the change of physical indexes such as the appearance color, size change and peel strength of the clothing and various textiles by organic solvent  , alkaline solution after dry cleaning.

ISO3175.1 Textiles -- Professional care, dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning of fabrics and garments -- Part1: Assessment of performance after cleaning and finishing
GB/T11401.1 Determination of surface appearance and dimensional change on dry c1eaning for fusible interlinings    
FZ/T01083 Testing method for surface appearance and dimensional change on dry cleaning for fusible interlinings
FZ/T01013  Textiles - Determination of dimensional change in dry - cleaning of perchlorethylene - Mechanical method
FZ80007.3  Dry wash resistance test method for garments used adhesive interlining

 ◆ 16 bit processor, LCD Chinese menu, programmable pressure valve, multiple fault detection protection, alarm tone.
◆ Built-in five sets of automatic test procedures, and programmable manual program.
◆ The full closed pipeline, liquid circulation purification design, the outlet activated carbon filter
◆ The contact part is made of all stainless steel, independent additive liquid box, metering pump program-controlled rehydration

Imported dry cleaning test machine

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