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Shoes Leather Air Permeability Tester

Description:Buy Shoes Leather Air Permeability Tester,Leather Permeable Gas Tester on best Digital Leather Air Permeability Tester

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Shoes Leather Air Permeability Tester

Product Details

Shoes Leather Air Permeability Tester Application

 Leather acquisition inspection, leather quality inspection.

Test standard

QB/T 2799,GB/T_11603,GB/T4689.22 
Leather Permeable Gas Tester Features

The use of high-precision ultra-small range of imported electronic flow sensor can test the permeability of leather.

Fast test. The traditional test method takes more than 30 minutes. This tester only need 15 seconds to complete the test.
A key test. Install the sample. Just press a button. You can quickly test.

The instrument with USB interface, you can use the software to count, analyze test the results, and print the standard test report. You can also save the test report as EXCEL format.

Standard configuration: host, a power line.

Optional accessories: 1.LABTest analysis software

Test principle

Exert a certain pressure on a certain area of ​​the leather or textile sample air, air permeability through the gas flow is different.

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Measuring range 0~2400 ml/(cm2.h)                                
Measuring accuracy Less than1%
Test time 15 seconds on average
Test areas 10cm2
Specimen diameter 5.5cm                                                    

Shoes Leather Air Permeability Tester

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