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Fabric surface combustion performance tester

2024-04-09 16:30

Applicable standards: GB/T 8745-2001 "Burning performance of textiles - Determination of surface burning time of fabrics", ISO 10047-1993 "Determination of surface burning time of textiles"

Scope of application: Suitable for measuring the surface combustion time of textile fabrics with fuzz (such as fuzz, loops, clusters, or similar surfaces) on the surface.

Main features:

1. Electric heating wire ignition.

2. The burner is automatically timed and positioned.

3. The ignition time can be set arbitrarily from 0 to 99.99 seconds. Automatic recording of combustion time and digital display.

Technical indicators:

1. Sample holder: 150mm long x 75mm wide

2. Frame marking line: located 75mm below the ignition point of the specimen

3. Ignition time: 0-99.99 seconds, can be set arbitrarily

4. Flame height measuring device: flame height 40 ± 2mm

5. Distance between the top of the igniter and the surface of the sample holder: 15mm

6. Gas used: Industrial butane or propane or a mixture of butane and propane.

7. Sample size: 150mm x 75mm

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