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The hazards of electromagnetic radiation

2024-01-16 14:40

In recent years, domestic and foreign media have continuously reported on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation: more than 400 children in Italy suffer from leukemia every year, and experts believe that the cause is severe electromagnetic pollution; A cancer medical foundation in the United States conducted sampling tests on patients who were damaged by electromagnetic radiation, and the results showed that people working near high-voltage lines had a cancer cell growth rate 24 times faster than the general population; Out of the 20 million children born in China every year, 350000 are children with disabilities, of which 250000 are intellectually disabled. Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation is one of the influencing factors.

The latest survey by the World Health Organization in 1998 showed that electromagnetic radiation has five major impacts on the human body:

1. Electromagnetic radiation is the main inducement of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer mutation;

2. Electromagnetic radiation causes direct damage to the human reproductive system, nervous system, and immune system;

3. Electromagnetic radiation is a triggering factor for diseases such as miscarriage, infertility, and malformations in pregnant women;

4. Excessive electromagnetic radiation directly affects children's tissue development, bone development, and decreased vision; The liver's hematopoietic function decreases, and in severe cases, it can lead to retinal detachment.

5. Electromagnetic radiation can cause male sexual dysfunction, female endocrine disorders, and menstrual disorders

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