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What are the two types of tensile testing machines?

2023-10-31 13:40

There are two main types of tensile testing machines:

1. Universal Testing Machine (UTM): The universal testing machine is the most common and widely used type of tensile testing machine. It is capable of performing a variety of mechanical tests, including tensile, compression, bending, shear, and more. The UTM typically consists of a load frame, which applies the force to the specimen, and a crosshead that moves the grips or fixtures holding the specimen. The force and displacement are measured during the test to determine the material's mechanical properties.

2. Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine: Hydraulic testing machines are specifically designed for high-capacity tensile tests. They use hydraulic systems to generate the force required to test large and strong specimens, such as steel bars, concrete cylinders, or other heavy-duty materials. Hydraulic tensile testing machines are known for their high load capacities and can exert forces ranging from hundreds of kilonewtons to thousands of kilonewtons.

Both types of tensile testing machines are capable of applying an axial force to a specimen and measuring the resulting stress and strain. The choice between the two types depends on the specific testing requirements, such as the material being tested, the force capacity needed, and the desired testing standards. It is essential to select the appropriate type of tensile testing machine based on the application to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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