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Leakage negative pressure tester for infusion device

Description:The Leakage negative pressure tester for infusion device is free to upgrade service according to national standard.

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Leakage negative pressure tester for infusion device

Product Details

The leakage negative pressure tester is a special equipment designed according to the relevant provisions of the national standard (gb838-2005) designed to detect the sealing performance of the infusion device.
Technical Parameters:
operating temperature:5~40℃
relative humidity:(45~80)%
Power voltage:220V±22V
Grid frequency:50HZ±1HZ
2、 Specification
Negative pressure test: -10 ~ -30kpa error is not greater than + 0.5KPa, LED digital display negative pressure.
Negative pressure output -10 ~ -30kpa + 0.5kpa, LED digital display negative pressure.
The negative pressure of the measuring system is maintained: within 1 minute, it shall not drift + 0.5kpa.
Duration of test: 60S, no more than 0.5KPa.
Partial list:
One mainframe;
One year warranty;
operating instructions;
The instrument is free to upgrade service according to national standard.
Infusion into not less than 25% of nominal capacity of the water, the tester is negative pressure on the output of the solid loading on the infusion pipe, the tester access network power supply, open the power switch, after waiting for negative pressure stable display of the digital meter, and then press the start button, the tester will automatically pumping air, the negative pressure expression to display Numbers - 20 KPa, automatic stop pumping air, timing starts at the same time, the 60 S, to maintain time during this period, after being stable pressure, no bubble phenomenon in the visual observation infusion (negative pressure display Numbers should be no more than the original value of 0.5 KPa).
Operators must be familiar with the use of the equipment.
The negative pressure on this test has been adjusted to -20 KPa to automatically stop pumping air. 
Continuous time relay, the factory has been adjusted to 60 S. 
This tester carries out three packs, three packs it is one year. 
The measuring period of this tester is one year.
The setting method of time relay: set the dial to 3 bits, set the range of 1s-99s, and adjust the maintenance time according to the time setting.

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