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Automatic Filter Tester 3140

Description:Automatic Filter Tester 3140 can measure the filtration efficiency of the filter protection devices and materials quickly and accurately.

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Automatic Filter Tester 3140

Product Details

The automatic filter tester can measure the filtration efficiency of the filter protection devices and materials quickly and accurately. It is an oil aerosol tester. It produces oil aerosol without heat, so a variety of oils can be used. Two Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) simultaneously count upstream and downstream particles. 
Test System
 · Fully automatic control of work condition without manual checking.
· No need of manual checking saves time and reduced labor cost to the greatest extent.
· User-friendly test interface, guided settings to avoid misoperation.
· Advanced detection accessories ensures the reliable test results.
· Consecutive operation reduces system downtime and the workload of operators.
Basic Structure
 · Dust generating system: Compressed  filter air system matched with the aerosol generator provides a certain amount of test powder.
· Test duck: Main test duck and sample clamp.
· Monitoring and adjusting system: Pressure monitoring and adjusting provide dynamic test environment.
· Result display and analysis system: Monitor the penetrated aerosol and display the test results
· Simple, fast and automated operation
· Highly consistent test results
· Designed for manufacturing environments
· Service and support
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Test application Quality control test
Maximum efficiency 99.999999%
Aerosol type DOP/PAO/DEHS/Paraffi/other oily aerosols
Aerosol generating mode Spray
Count median diameter 0.19 μm
Geometric standard deviation <1.6
Flow rate 5-100L/min
Resistance 0-150mm H2O(0-1470Pa)
Particle detection Condensing nuclear particle counter
General test duration <1min
Data report PC built-in integrated software
Operation Independent tester
Standards N/A
Power source 115VAC、60Hz,10A or 230VAC、50Hz,5A
Pneumatics 7m3/hr,415kPa(4 scfm 60 psi)
Dimension 183cm x 122cm x 81cm (72in. X 48in. X 32in.)

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