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Respirator Fit Tester

Description:Overall Mask Leakage Test : Mask leakage is measured while the mask is challenged with an aerosol, with or without a plugged filter canister attached.

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Respirator Fit Tester

Product Details

Protective Mask Leakage Tester

The Protective Mask Leak Tester is a portable device designed to detect the service performance and applicability of protective masks, and provide leaks and service performance testing for specified nuclear, biological and chemical defense (NBCD) / chemical, biological and radiation defense (CBR-D) masks and components without the need for the operator to wear a mask. PMLT can be set for timing by minutes, fully integrated in a rigid transportable box. Through a universal clamping assembly, inflated mask seals and fixture adapters, the PMLT Mask Leakage Tester can virtually measure any type of gas masks in the world. Lightweight plastic heads are available in 2 sizes and are easily interchangeable with different sizes of masks. PMLT protective mask leak tester utilizes advanced transistor circuit and menu-driven touch pad to provide alphanumeric display.
Mask Leak testing device Applications

Overall Mask Leakage Test : Mask leakage is measured while the mask is challenged with an aerosol, with or without a plugged filter canister attached. 
Leakage Isolation Test: Leaks normally invisible to the naked eye are easily isolated so that repair/replacement decisions can be made. 
Wind exhaust Valve Test: In the wind exhaust valve test, suspended particles as a function in the mask test and isolation detect the airflow leakage under strictly controlled conditions.
Drink Tube Flow Test: Tube blockage can be measured. 
Drink Tube Valve Leakage Test: The drink tube valve is tested for leakage under controlled pressure. 


 · Benefits and Features
· Ease of Use
· Self-Diagnostics
· Portability
· Data Management
· Menu-Driven
· Interchangeable Heads
· Universal Clamping
· Controlled Aerosol vs. Ambient Air
 · Universal Power Supply
· Custom Software
· Leak Isolation
· Visual/Audible Alarms
· Rugged Shippable Case
· Low Maintenance
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Size 32” (L) x 22.5” (W) x 20” (H) while packed
Weight ~90 lbs/41 kg packed, ~60 total unpacked
Power Supply 100 to 250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Aerosol Reagent Poly-dispersed oil (PAO-4)
Aerosol Detection Near-forward light scattering photometer
Detection Range 0.0005 to 100%
Fit Factor Limit 200,000
Data Output RS-232 serial port
Patents 6,435,009 / 6,848297 / 7,140,234 / 7,343,783

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