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Air Intake Filter Test System

Description:The Automated Dust Loading Test rig ABP 115 enables standardized testing of industrial and engine air filter in accordance with ISO 5011.

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Air Intake Filter Test System

Product Details

The Automated Dust Loading Test rig ABP 115 enables standardized testing of industrial and engine air filter in accordance with ISO 5011. Suction pipes and other parts of the intake tract can also be characterized in the following parameters:
● Differential pressure related to air flow rate
· Differential pressure of the filter
· Restriction (relative pressure against ambient)
● Dust loading capacity (related to differential pressure increase, e.g. 20 hPa)
● Gravimetric efficiency
Through additional modules water tests can be performed to test samples to examine and characterize the test sample.
Pressure Tests are also possible. The dust generator SAG 420 is placed on a scale to control the dispensed dust mass flow. SAG 420 and the scale are located in a housing on a movable frame. The frame can be positioned in the required height of the specimen.
 ◆ Powerful two-stage generation of the volume flow
◆ Precise flow rate measurement with adjustment for every application (ISO 50100)
◆ Modular design: components selected according to specific test requirements
◆ Regulated gravimetric dust dosing
◆ High level of automation, mostly automated test procedures with complete operator guidance, data handling and protocols
 Stabilization vessel with different connection flanges
Additional pressure sensors for measuring complete air inlet systems
Water injection system and water separators
Particle measuring equipment
Universal panel filter holder
Dust disperser SAG 410 for soot
Scavenging line
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Volume flow rate (at standard conditions) 2 – 50 m³/min (20 °C, 1013 hPA)
Differential pressure Max. 150 hPa at test sample
Test dust ISO 12103-1 (A2 fine), ISO 12103-1 (A4 coarse)
Compressed air supply 6 bar
Power supply 400 V AC 125 A

 Tests of engine intake air filters according to standard ISO 5011
Tests according to customer-specific standards
● Solid Aerosol Generator SAG 420 on movable rig, ISO 5011 standard nozzle and additional nozzle for high dust mass flows (> 25 g/min) / (heavy-duty injector), online weighing for mass flow control
● Piecometer tubes for differential pressure measurement
● Absolute filter housing for pocket filters
● Sensors for differential pressure, air flow rate, temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure
● Very powerful flow rate unit with radial blower or side channel blower, controlled by frequency inverter and throttle flap
●  Scales for weighing absolute filters and filter samples with data transfer
● Scavenging line for performing tests with precleaners

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