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FCMF-12 Rotatory Sealing Leakage Tester

Description:Rotatory Sealing Leakage Tester introduction,features and technical paramter

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FCMF-12 Rotatory Sealing Leakage Tester

Product Details

This tester is professionally designed for testing the airtightness of spin-on filter

 · The turntable has 12 working stations
· High working efficiency
· The airtightness of filter for different types of fuel and diesel can be tested by changing the screw head and sealing ring

Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Applicable filter diameter Φ50mm~Φ100mm
Filter maximum width 250mm
Test speed 20 pieces/min~24 pieces/min
Working air pressure Φ50mm~Φ100mm , adjustable
Motor power 1.1KW
Working power 220V 50Hz
Dimension 1190mmX1050mmX1200mm
Weight 500kg

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