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Moisture Regain Meter

Description:Introduction 、Application 、Standards and Technical Parameters of Moisture Regain Meter

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Moisture Regain Meter

Product Details

 The instrument is used for quick determination of sample’s moisture regain.
The push-pull air flow without preheating can quickly dry the samples in a short time. The filtered hot air evenly distributed in the test chamber can maintain the testing specimen in the same state in the specimen basket.

 · PFH controller to maintain the specimen temperature. Factory settings temperature is 105℃.
· Control panel and its auxiliary PC software to make the instrument quickly and easily dry the specimen automatically or manually. The use of touch screen enhances instrument’s reliability.
· ASCII printer applied to instantaneously print out test reports automatically upon test completion.
· Mettler Toledo balance (0.00g) to weight the specimen with the result displayed on the operating interface.
· Auxiliary software: each test result can be stored in the internal data memory. Microsoft Excel can carry out real-time tendency analysis and format transfer (.csv/.xls), such as tare, original weight, dry weight, moisture regain, actual value, modified vale, total time, deviation, mean value, minimum and maximum value as well as test summary commented by the author.
Technical  Parameters
Items Parameters
Weight range 100-800g
Balance accuracy 0.01g
Installed power 14kW
Dry temperature 50-105℃ (up to 130℃ customizable)
Temperature deviation ±0.5℃
Specimen basket diameter 245mm
Specimen basket height Height for raw material: 310mm
Height for skein: 190mm
Height for few specimens: 220mm
Drying duration For raw material≤5min, for skein≤ 10min
Power Three-phase AC power
Dimension 1030 x 630 x 1930 mm
Net weight 170kg

Moisture Regain Reference
Items Parameters
Combed yarn and wool 18.25%
Thorough washed wool and carded yarn 17.00%
Natural silk 11.00%
Cotton 08.50%
Viscose 13.00%
acrylic fiber 02.00%
Nylon 06.25%
Dacron 01.50%


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