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Oxygen Index Tester

Description:Oxygen Index Tester is designed and de-veloped according to ISO4589-3 (Elevated-temperature test) and British Naval Engi-neering Standard NES 715.

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Oxygen Index Tester

Product Details

The high temperature oxygen index tester is designed and de-veloped according to ISO4589-3 (Elevated-temperature test) and British Naval Engi-neering Standard NES 715. Based on the general intelligent oxygen index instrument,the high temperature oxygen index tester adds a electric-heating device at the position of the combustion cylinder to preheat the mixed gas and test the ignition temperature of the different materials at a certain oxygen concentration. The tester is used to assess the combustion performance of a self-supporting vertical strip or a sheet-like plastic material of 10.5 mm thickness and is also applicable to the determination of the burn-ing performance of a vertically supported.

ISO 4589-3 Plastics Test of burning behaviour by oxygen index –Part 3: high temperature test.
NES 715 The temperature index Testing of small specimens of material.
ISO4589-3:1996 Plastics Test of burning behaviour by oxygen index. Part 3:elevated  

Imported oxygen concentration sensor (paramagnetic oxygen concentration sensor for model F248A, electrochemical oxygen concentration sensor for model F248D ) showing the oxygen concentration accuracy of ± 0.1%.
High temperature resistant quartz glass tube, outlet diameter 40mm.
Supportive and non-supportive sample holder.
Portable ignition, easy to operate.
Patented gas flow control unit which equipped with mass flow controller mixing nitrogen and oxygen can precisely control the gas flow.
After setting the oxygen concentration on screen, PLC control system can automatically adjusts the oxygen concentration according to the set value , precise and easy control.
The gas mixing chamber with patented design can ensure that the oxygen concentration measurement more accurate and the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen more better.
LCD real-time can display flow, time , test data and other parameters.
Dual flow meter and pressure gauge device: accuracy of ± 1%.
Equipped with special ignition.

Technical Parameters:
Oxygen concentration measurement range: 0-90%.
Oxygen concentration accuracy: ± 0.1%
Flow meter range: 1.0 ~ 10.0L / min
Oxygen concentration measurement accuracy: ± 0.4%.
Response time: <10s
Combustion cylinder air flow:40mm/s ± 2mm/s; concentration adjustment accuracy: ± 0.1%.
Top air flow of the combustion cylinder: 90mm±10mm/s。
Portable igniter, downward jet of 16±4mm, adjustable.
Measurement time up to 5mins, accuracy of ± 0.5S.
Dual flow meter and pressure gauge device: accuracy of ± 1%.
Test temperature range: 25 ℃ ~ 150 ℃。
Test temperature control accuracy: ± 2 ℃ for ≤ 125 ℃,± 3 ℃ for > 125 ℃.
Oxygen concentration setting range: 10% to 60% of oxygen concentration (±0.1%).
Oxygen & nitrogen flow can be controlled at the set value, the control accuracy: ±0.01L / min, resolution: 0.01L / min.
Oxygen concentration step size: settable from 0.1%.
Burning time: 1 s to 300 s.
Igniter flame height: 15 ~ 20 mm (adjustable).
Ignition time: 15s ± 1s
Quartz glass burning cylinder size: inner tube (inner diameter ≥ 75 mm, height ≥ 450 mm), the outer cylinder (5mm ~ 10mm gap from the inner tube , the same height with the inner tube).

Items:  Parameters
Dimension: 435(W)×550(D)×670(H)mm
Power supply:  AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Weight: 30kg
Instruction: have
Exhaust:  50l/s

Heating Device:
1、Heating power 1000W
2、Test tube temperature can reach 400 ℃
3、Heating device is equipped with thermal insulation protection

Control System:
1、PLC with touch screen test, higher automation.
2、 After the oxygen concentration value is set, the system automatically adjusts the oxy-gen concentration;
3、 Main electrical components are imported , accurate, reliable, durable; equipped with security circuit.

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