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Non - woven Digital Thickness Gauge

Description:Digital thickness gauge,add special accessories can be used for professional non-woven fabric standard test methods.

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Non - woven Digital Thickness Gauge

Product Details

Non - woven Digital Thickness Gauge

ISO 9073: 1995 Part 2; EDANA Test Method 30.5-99; BS EN 964-1

Its main technical parameters and performance indicators are in line with the relevant provisions of the standard, widely used in thickness determination on paper, cardboard, film, non-woven fabrics, and other sheet materials, corrugated board. The instrument is the indispensable measuring instruments for those manufactures of cardboard, carton production, research and commodity inspection, and other enterprises and departments.

Instrument Description:
Digital thickness gauge, add special accessories can be used for professional non-woven fabric standard test methods.
Non-Woven Test Accessories: Includes presser foot and reference plate.
Geotextile Test Accessories: Includes presser foot, reference plate, bell, one set of weights (with 2, 20,200kPa pressure).
There are many other accessories available for carpets as well as a variety of other professional fields

1, the user purchased the instrument in the course of normal use of quality problems, such as the warranty period (one year), based on your product warranty card or instructions and other relevant information, which indicated in the way directly with the manufacturer or service station. If your request has not been answered please contact our service center, we will help you maintain your rights.
2, in any of the following cases the user can not enjoy a one-year warranty
Instruments once were unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper use, improper use, non-normal storage, and exposure to moisture, exposure to excessive or low temperatures. Instruments that exceed the warranty period (one year)

Instrument Shipping Problem:
The instrument may be delivered to the user by courier or logistics, or may be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the user's designated location or through the road transport company. Regardless of the method used to transport the instrument, the user has the right to request the instrument received when the package complete, all accessories complete.
If you are receiving the instrument, please check and accept it in accordance with the order. If the instrument is missing, damaged, incomplete or wrong, please indicate it on the spot and refuse to accept it or call our customer service in the presence of courier. Distribution, or sign and then found the problem, you need to call us to clarify the reasons for customer service, be allowed to return the instrument after the postage to take care of themselves, we receive your return to the instrument and then free re-distribution.
If the instrument is damaged, the quality of the instrument will be affected. Please contact the customer service department immediately. We will repair, replace or return the instrument according to the requirements of the user.

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