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G238BB Electronic Crockmeter

Description:G238BB Electronic Crockmeter

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G238BB Electronic Crockmeter

Product Details

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(Electronic rubbing colour fastness tester )

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter is used for testing the color fastness of fabric and leather by dry/wet rubbing.The tester makes the sample repeatedly rub the specified number of times with the white cotton cloth in a certain pressure and a certain stroke. After comparing the white cotton cloth with the stained gray sample card, the decolorization grade of the fabric, leather, coating and other samples is evaluated, which provides the basis for improvement of fabric dyeing. This instrument is equipped with digital electronic preset counters. experimental data repeatability can help producers effective control of the production.


1.suitable for evaluating the color fastness of various textile,leather,printing and dyeing materials after rubbing.

2.Designed as a whole, mainly composed of base, friction drive mechanism and counter;Simple structure, compact and beautiful,convenient and fast loading.Easy to use and understand with stable performance、 accurate experimental data and good repeatability, reduce the requirements for operators, but also greatly improve the test efficiency.

Standards compliant:

ASTM F1319 Standard test method for determining the antiwear and antifouling properties of images produced by office reproductions ;

AATCC 8 165Test method for colour fastness to rubbing ;

BS 1006 D02 Test method for colour fastness of textiles and leather; 

GB/T 3920 Colour fastness of textiles to rubbing ;

ISO 105 D02 X12 Textiles colour fastness test part; 

X12: colour fastness to rubbing ;

JIS L0849 Test methods for colour fastness to rubbing M&S C8/C8A NEXT TM6.

Several Major Features:

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图1) Test the pressure Accurately 

 The physical weight of the connecting rod is pressurized. The perfect     inspection and measurement ensure the we ight meet the standard completely.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图2) Set the experiment times at will and the alarm function at the end of the experiment 

 It can meet the test requirements of different standards, customize the number of experiments and automatically stop after the experiment with alarm function.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图3) Quick loading fixture 

 The rapid installation fixture is adopted for the equipment, which is convenient, reliable and efficient.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图4) Flexible and compact design 

 Flexible and compact design makes it very easy to install and test anywhere from the lab to production line.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图5) Diversiform friction head avaliable for installation to test 

 The instrument design structure is flexible and makes Test heads of various specifications can be installed to meet different standards and dTest requirements for different purposes.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter  Field Application:

The instrument is used for testing the rubbing colour fastness of fabrics under dry and wet conditions,as well as for regular and periodic testing.It can be used to test the color fastness of colored cotton,chemical fiber, blended fabric and leather.

G238BB Electronic Crockmeter(图6)

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