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Geosynthetics Testing Instruments

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Geosynthetics Testing Instruments

Product Details

Geosynthetics Testing Instruments mainly used to measure the thickness of the fabric, suitable for leather, rubber and textiles and other materials, the thickness of the measurement, to detect the standard situation.

Standards compliant:
ISO 1765: 1986, ISO 1766: 1999 (BS), BS 4051: 1987 (1996), BS 4098: 1975 (1996), BS 5808: 1991 (1996), Wools of New Zealand test method 142

Main feature:
1, for the test carpet, lining, non-woven, geotextile to provide ISO and BS standard pressure
2, the instrument design to meet the needs of different test standards
3, can be directly associated with the optional software
4, a wide range of applications: carpet thickness, carpet and the backing of the compression and elastic recovery, non-woven fabrics, foam, geotextile, etc.

Special Instructions:
1, in the carpet test, in order to test the thickness and compression recovery, the instrument can provide a presser foot and a set of weights in order to provide 2-200 kpa pressure. In the non-woven testing, the need to provide a different specifications of the presser foot.
2, the test results displayed on the digital indicator, the indicator can automatically return to zero.
3, the standard thickness gauge can measure the thickness of 25 mm of the sample, which can provide a flexible solution for different applications. For samples with a thickness of more than 25 mm, other thickness gauges can be selected.

Main Annex:
Carpet detection: including presser foot, reference plate, bell and weight
Can produce 2,5,10,20,50,100,150 and 200 kPa pressure
Primer detection: Includes presser foot, reference plate, bell and weight
Can produce 2,5,10,20,50,100 kPa pressure
RS232 connection cable: Connect with PC
RS232 download software
Dimensions: W300 mm, D400 mm, H550 mm

Geosynthetics Testing Instruments

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