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wyzenbeek wear tester

Description:Wyzenbeek Oscillatory Abrasion Resistance Tester,To determine the abrasion resistance of fabric. Buy Wyzenbeek Tester on

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wyzenbeek wear tester

Product Details


Oscillator Abrasion Tester is also named as Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester, used to determine the abrasion resistance of fabrics when rubbed against a standard abradant or a wire mesh screen in a backward and forward motion over a curved surface. Particularly it’s suitable for abrasion resistance of fabrics used in the automotive and furniture industry. The instrument follows the U.S. standard with four friction heads and electronic counters to control the operating cycle.

Work Principle

The long strip sample fabric is mounted on the front and rear fixtures of the friction head with a certain tensioning force applied.The friction medium is installed on the circular grinding platform. Make the sample contact with the friction medium and apply a certain load on the sample.The friction platform moves forward and backward to abrade the sample.After a certain number of friction, assess the change of sample's fracture strength. 


1. Modern efficacy design.
2. The suction device is connected to an auxiliary vacuum cleaner.
3. Sealed gear actuator ensures quiet operation.

Technical Parameters

Test number


Abrasion table

Cambered surface -R100mm,Length-400mm

Test stroke

76±2 mm

Abrasion velocity

90±1 /min(double  friction)

Tension adjusting weights

340g (The force applied to the sample can be adjusted from 4.45 to 26.7 N)

Load weight

150g (adjusted from 4.45 to 15.575N)

Tension  of  sample


Sample loading


Oscillatory Abrasion Resistance Tester

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