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Tracking Test Apparatus

Description:The Tracking Index Test Apparatus is used for testing the resistance of insulation materials to tracking currents.Buy IEC60112 Tracking Index Test Apparatus online

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Tracking Test Apparatus

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The electric tracking index test is performed on a surface of a solid insulating material by applying a voltage to a platinum electrode of a predetermined size (2 mm x 5 mm) and dropping a predetermined volume of conductive liquid  (0.1% NH 4 Cl) at a predetermined height (35mm) for 30 seconds, to evaluate the electric leakage resistance performance of the surface of a solid insulating material under the combined influence of an electric field and a wet or contaminated medium.

Tracking index tester rigorously is a professional inspection tester, designed and manufactured based on GB4207, IEC60112 and other standard,  to measure the comparative tracking index and proof tracking index in the simulated wet condition, with characteristics of  simplicity, accuracy, reliability, practical feature, etc.

Tracking Index Apparatus is suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments in the industry  of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electrical machine, electric tools, electronic instruments, electro technical instruments, information technology equipment, as well as insulating materials , engineering plastics, electrical connectors, accessories industry.

Structure Features

1. The chamber is paint spray procced, elegant and anti-corrosive, size:1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm.

2. All specimen holders are made by stainless steel material.

3. Equipment consists of  the voltmeter, ammeter, delay overcurrent relay, power supply, circuit control system, button switch, signal lights and other components.

4. Automatic drip device contains drip tube, drip nozzle, counting device, drip counting device, drip control device, droplet volume measuring tool, etc.

5. Drip nozzle device can adjust; Adjust height 30 to 40 mm, ensure the drip position between the two electrodes .

6. Electrode device contains platinum electrode, electrode fixing device, 4 mm gauge, etc. The electrode is adjustable and detachable.

Wheel Tracking Apparatus


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