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Plastic Ultraviolet Aging Tester

Description:UV light can cause color changes in plastics,so you need the ultraviolet accelerated aging tester and ultraviolet accelerated Weather Resistance aging Tester

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Plastic Ultraviolet Aging Tester

Product Details

This ultraviolet tester uses fluorescent UV lamps, combined with temperature and humidity device  to simulate the material decline in color, brightness, strength and cracking, spalling, powder, oxidation damage via the high temperature sun light (UV), high humidity, condensation, dark cycle etc.

At the same time, through the synergy between UV and moisture resistance ability of single or single material makes wet ability weakening or failure, which is widely used to evaluate the performance of weather resistant materials, equipment is to provide the best sunshine UV simulation. Usage and maintenance are of low cost, easy to use.  Equipment uses program controller can automatic control the test cycle, with high automatic high degree. In addition, it has stable light performance and high rate of repetition test results.


· JTG E50 T1164  The methods of geo-synthetics for highway engineering
· GB/T 14522-93 Accelerated weathering test method for plastics, coatings and rubber materials used for machinery industrial products.
· GB-T16422.3-1997 Plastics--Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources--Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps
· ISO4892-3:1994 Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps

Stable reliable and consistent
· The structure of the test chamber is made of corrosion-resistant metal material, including 8 fluorescent UV lamp, water tray, test sample rack and touch screen controller.

·Lamp power is 40W and lamp length is 1200 mm. The working area of the test chamber is in the range of 900 × 210 mm.

·The lamp is installed in a row of four rows, installed in two rows, and the lamp is arranged in parallel, and the center distance of the lamp is 70 mm.

·The test sample is fixedly mounted at a distance of 50 mm from the nearest parallel surface of the lamp surface. The test specimen and its support form the inner wall of the box, and their backs are exposed to room temperature cooling air due to the temperature difference between the test sample and the air in the box.

So that the test sample surface condensation phase to produce a stable condensation conditions, the test chamber shall be of natural air convection from the bottom of the box through the outer wall of the box and the test sample.

·The water vapor is produced by the low water pan of the heating box. The water depth is not more than 25mm, and the water supply automatic control. The water dish should be cleaned regularly to prevent the formation of scale.

Ultraviolet weathering tester Technical Parameters
(1) Working chamber size: 1140mm×400 mm×380.
(2) Overall dimensions: 1300mm×500 mm×1460 mm.
(3) Central distance of lamp: 70mm.
(4) Nearest parallel distance between specimen and light: about 50mm.
(5) Wavelength range: UV-A 315~400nm.
(6) Radiation strength: 1W/m2/ within 340nm.
(7) Temperature resolution: 0.1oC.
(8) Illumination temperature range: 50oC~70oC/Tolerance ±3oC.
(9) Cooling temperature range: 40oC ~60oC/Tolerance±3oC.
(10) Blackboard thermometer measuring range: 30~80oC/Tolerance±1oC.


ultraviolet accelerated aging tester

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