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UV proof tester

Description:Uv transmittance tester and fabric uv resistance tester, which can detect the resistance of fabrics to ultraviolet rays, are purchased from UV proof tester online.

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UV proof tester

Product Details

SPF Record Checker Product details:

It includes the closest spectral characteristics of the sun's light source, high stability of the UV-visible spectrophotometer, fully functional control and data analysis software. It replaces the human body (In-VIVO) to measure the SPF value and various other important indexes of sun protection products and cosmetics, making measurement cost more economical, faster and more convenient.

SPF Analyzer Instrument features:

1. Cover the spectral region of UVA and UVB, spectral range: 290-400nm, wavelength repeatability: 0.25nm, the system data cumulative record storage interval 1,2,5 nm optional, monochrome resolution: 1.66nm, wavelength accuracy of ± 0.2% ;

2. Data acquisition and analysis software: It has the function of calculating and analyzing print data, the form of double output forms and graphics, built-in Boots Star rating calculation mode, the cumulative test up to 36 units, automatic display MPF and absorbance values, with light stability, Automatic calculation of UVA, UVB, UPF value, critical wavelength, UVA in vitro testing, networking and convenient online help mode;

3. 125W xenon arc light source to provide stable UV and near ultraviolet radiation, high-performance integral ball to ensure good test accuracy;

4. One-year NIST data traceability;

5. 99.997% linearity;

6. Software control Sampling platform: provide automatic scanning test and timing measurement, the software set the test mode, 12 sampling points, automatic continuous test, the test is completed automatically stop to generate the saved data; to meet the standard test and light resistance for a long time test;

7. Configure the NIST verification calibration kit so that the user can calibrate and maintain the instrument

Sunscreen Protection Factor Analyzer


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