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Rubber rebound resilience elasticity tester

Description:A wide variety of resilience elasticity tester options are available to you, because Qinsun is a rubber elastic modulus tester manufacturer

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Rubber rebound resilience elasticity tester

Product Details

Core advantages:

Device Structure: column, specimen holder, frame, dropping, impact head, dials.

Rubber elasticity tester / Rubber impact resilience tester is mainly made by the base unit and which can read head impact rebound height device component, wherein the base unit sturdy, heavy impact to support the head and the test piece.

In order to adjust and test equipment inspection, the instrument will be able to stand the impact head and made into a detachable device.

The impact head: impact head is to use four lines hanging in places overhanging diameter 2000mm 12.50 ± 0.05mm, length 356mm, the quality of 0.35 ± 0.01kg iron rods. To fall from the high gravity at 100mm as impact energy, the fight against iron bars to end hemispherical surface.

Dial: In order to directly read resiliency, dial scale values are displayed (resilience straightforward reading scale). Interval scale using the horizontal direction of seeking to retrieve flexibility required conversion table or conversion formula.

Rubber elasticity tester supplier Specifications:

Specimen diameter: 29.5mm

Impact head diameter: 12.5mm, length 356mm, weight 350g

The horizontal length scale: 625 (L), 2000 (R) MM

Dropped Length: 2000mm (from front to back 250mm, about 900mm distance

Scale vertical height: 100mm (divided into 100 equal parts)

Drop height: 100mm (vertical)

Volume (about): 117cm × 92cm × 275cm

Weight (approximately): 70kg

rubber rebound resilience elasticity tester

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