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Gakushin Tester

Description:Gakushin Rubbing Tester for JIS standards, for evaluating a material‘s resistance to rubbing motion. Buy Gakushin Tester on

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Gakushin Tester

Product Details

This Gakushin Type Rubbing Tester is a standard testing machine of the Type II rubbing tester (GAKUSIN TYPE) specified in JIS L0849 Test Method of Rubbing Fastness in JIS Textile-Tests For Color Fastness. It is applied to determine the color resistance of dyed or printed textiles to rubbing thus providing evidence for textile products R&D and acceptance inspection.

It is reported that this tester is stricter than the ordinary horizontal reciprocation rubbing color fastness tester whose evaluating results are worse with the same specimen tests. Textiles exported to Japan should present test results by this device. 50mm rub heads and auxiliary weights are equipped for cardboard rubbing resistance tests.

Gakushin Tester Features

1. By changing optional accessories, it is versatile for a variety of specimens tests such as flocking resistance test for flocking, color fastness for artificial leather, rubbing resistance for cardboard, fastness for printing ink and coating, etc.; horizontal reciprocation rubbing color fastness test can be carried out by changing the test bed.
2. Test cycles can be set (electronic), automatic counting; start buzzing after counting finished.

Optional parts

238D1:   Planar rub heads
238D2:   Planar test bed
238D3:   R50mm rub test (JIS P8136)
238D4:   R1.5mm rub test(JIS P8136-flocking strength)
SZ320:    #320abrasive paper
ZS:         Grey scale (staining)-ISO/BS standard
23807:    Grey scale (staining)-AATCC standard

Gakushin Type Rubbing Tester

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