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Rubbing alcohol testing equipment

Description:Find best mobile phone coating surface abrasion tester, Qin Sun provides you with alcohol rubber abrasion tester and alcohol abrasion tester

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Rubbing alcohol testing equipment

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

The abrasion tester for mobile complies with UL817 and other relevant standards "special rubber fixed to the machine friction rub hammer surface to a certain load and frequency requirements for safe use of the provisions" applicable to manufacturers and quality control departments for mobile phones, keyboards and other accessories surface resistance grinding test, to assess its degree of wear.

This alcohol abrasion tester adopts variable convex shaft structure, the Japanese origin of ball drive to make it work with the servo motor can make about duplex movement, and has an adjustable test speed and functionality of stroke (without shutdown), adjustment is very easy.

Test speed can be displayed, and set the number of trials; to achieve a variety of products for injection surfaces, such as silk screen printed for abrasion life test, the friction medium: eraser, cotton and so on. This equipment is widely used in plastic, wire, electrical appliances, leather and other manufacturing industries.



Test load: 60 ~ 1000g

Maximum load: 5kg

Test Stroke: 10 ~ 80mm (adjustable)

Test speed: 10 ~ 100rpm / min

Speed mode: Knob

Load weight: 50,80,100,200,500g

Machine Size: 450 * 380 * 460 (W * D * H) mm

Machine Weight: 25kg

Power source: 220V, 50HZ

Get Attached: 2 Malaysia 7017R eraser

Abrasion test machine features:

The test machine can do alcohol, pencil eraser abrasion and scratch three tests



1, eraser test fixture

2, alcohol friction test head (with a standard white cotton can be used wet or dry friction friction)

3, pencil scratch jig

alcohol rubber abrasion tester



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