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AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Description:Crease Recovery Tester is used for determining a fabric‘s ability to recover after wrinkling under a pre-determined load for a set period of time.

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AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Product Details

The main principle of the wrinkle recovery tester is to apply a predetermined pressure to the specimen under standard atmospheric conditions and to maintain the specified time.

The overall structure of the instrument and the precise spiral column ensure that the loaded specimens produce a uniform deformation. After removing the sample from the instrument, re-adjust the sample under standard atmospheric conditions and allow it to recover for a certain period of time, and then compare the sample with the reference sample to assess the appearance of the sample.

AATCC fabric Wrinkle Recovery Tester Application

The wrinkle recovery test instrument detects the recovery of the specimen after a certain period of time under a load. It is suitable for any fiber pure or blended fabric test. Besides, it can not maintain the shape of stable materials under the characteristics of the conditions, such as the material which is soft, thin and easy to bend.  We can evaluate its anti-crease performance through this device.

Technical Parameters



Sample size



2000g,1000g,500kg,200kg Accumulate





AATCC fabric Wrinkle Recovery Tester


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