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Fabric Textile Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Description:Martindale textile abrasion and pilling tester is mainly used to test shoe fabric, shoe lining, and many other types of shoe related materials.

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Fabric Textile Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Product Details

Product Information:

The iso 12945 2 martindale abrasion and pilling tester instrument is professionally designed to determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures.

Samples are rubbed against known abradents at low pressures and in continuously changing directions and the amount of abrasion or pilling is compared against standard parameters.

Provided with Touch Screen Controller and unique programming device which includes preprogammable batch and totaliser counters, individual station counters, 4 selectable test speeds with liquid crystal display.


Martindale abrasion tester working principle:


Test piece of fabric is placed in the specimen clamp, and it will be rubbed against with abradant in a Lissajous figure. According to the requirement, once the test piece is broken, test piece should be taken down to calculate its abrasion resistance index, or evaluate its rating of pilling through the visual description.

Testing Standards:

ASTM D4970, ISO 12945.2, GB/T 4802.2/13775/21196.1/21196.2, ASTM D4966, ISO 12947, FZ/T 20020, BS 3424-24/5690, ISO 12947.1/12947.2, M&S P17/P19/P19C, NEXT 18/18a/18b, ISO 5470-2, IWTO-40, JIS L1096 8.17.5 Method E, Woolmark TM 112/196, BS EN 388/530/13770, ISO 20344

Instrument Configurations and Consumables:

1.Specimen holder assembly of 9 sets;

2.9kPa, 12kPa additional loading weight , each of 9;

3.¢38mm, ¢140mm Abradent Fabric/Backing Felt cutter of 1 set;

4.¢38mm, ¢140mm test specimen cutting mat of 1 set;

5.Pilling Test Suite of 1 set;

6.SM-50 Photographs for pilling test of 1 set;

7.EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test of 1 set, and SM-25 Standard Abradent Fabric of 1.6m×5m;

8.Standard Backing Foam. Width of 1.5m, Length of 0.5m. Pack of 4;

9.Standard Backing Felt Piece of 1;

10.¢90mm Standard Backing Felt Discs(Pack of 20);

11.¢38mm, ¢140mm spare blades of specimen cutter, 50 each;

12.Other necessary accessories recommended by manufacturer.

martindale abrasion resistance testing machine




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