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Ink abrasion tester

Description:The ink discoloration tester and ink layer abrasion resistance tester brings new levels of repeatability and convenience to testing the durability of inks

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Ink abrasion tester

Product Details

Ink abrasion tester Principle:

To be ground layer and Friction Paper of the Ink Abrasion tester samples, under the action of the load friction body, rubbing each other at a predetermined speed. Make measuring the reducing amount of the density before and after the friction, or decrease the amount of coating thickness, to determine the wear resistance with the ink layer or coating.

Ink Abrasion tester with Microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display, mechatronics principle, rubbing test set. Before the test, the test requirements of the standard, the number of friction or custom operator input control system, the test can achieve automatic control, and after the end of each test beep.

Control system with power and memory function, which is, after each power cycle, keeping parameters state before the power was last entered. Ink wear tester actuator using high-precision micro-motor gear driven friction body friction linear reciprocating motion


Abrasion Ink Rub Tester Product Features:

  1. Microcomputer control, LCD blue large LCD dynamic display, film inching operation panel;
  2. Input Test parameters on keyboard, and also with the power and memory;
  3. The exact implementation of national standards, compatible with international standards;
  4. Control Solutions for printed ink poor wear resistance; low rub resistance, easy to fall off and so on;
  5. Test, effective control of the production process, to avoid return losses due to poor quality.
  6. Compatible with PS version of the photosensitive layer of the abrasion resistance test, make analysis and forecast PS version of the anti-Indian forces

Technical Parameters:

  1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 2A 50HZ;
  2. The friction velocity: (21, 43, 85, 106) r / min
  3. Measuring range: (1 to 9999) times;
  4. Friction load: GB: 20N;
  5. ASTM: 0.9kg (2Lb)
  6. Friction distance: 60 mm
  7. machine interface: 3.1 "@ 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD screen (blue), English menu;
  8. Working environment: temperature (20 ± 10) ° C;
  9. Humidity <85%;
  10. Dimensions: 335 × 295 × 295 mm;
  11. Product Weight: about 22 kg;

ink abrasion resistance tester

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