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taber abrasion resistance tester

Description:High quality ISO5470 taber abrasion and wear test instrument And taber abrasion & wear testing machine from Qinsun.Buy fabric taber wear resistance tester onlin.

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taber abrasion resistance tester

Product Details

Range of application
TABER abrasion resistance tester and wear resistance tester can be replaced by wheel and weight,

which apply to the abrasion resistance performance test on fabric, cardboard, paint, leather, tile, glass and natural rubber,

method is simple and easy to operate,which has been widely used in various industry's testing laboratory.

Abrasion tests, the material is standard wheel friction after a certain number of turns,

evaluate its abrasion resistance material weightlessness rate by calculation.

Abrasion wheel after pre grinding standard method, test results can reach very high consistency.

Core advantages

Simple operation, display real-time speed, the speed control can be achieved 30-75rpm adjustment,

wearing can be preset number of turns. Arm can match with balance weights, accurate weight balance abrasion arm,

to realize the ASTM standard which requires 125 g pressure requirements

Vacuuming mouth height is adjustable, and adapt to different thickness materials, efficient removal of debris, improve test accuracy
Brand motor, mute, low noise, smooth operation

Fabric Taber Abrasion Tester Specifications

spinning speed adjustable within the range of 30-75r/min (digital)
The sample surface diameter 100mm
Sample table diameter 113mm
setting range of Number of turns 1-999999
Air pressure 250g
Weight (based on purchase) Counterweight、250g、500g、750g、1000g
Wheel pressure range 125g、250g、500g、750g、1000g、1250g
Vacuum arm height Adjustable
power 220V,50Hz
Size 220mm×380mm×300mm
weight 20kg

Basic configuration
G270 Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester
Weight × 1 set (250g, 500g, 1000g each one pairs)
Optional Accessories  
27001 1 pair of 125g Balance weights and fixed screw
27002-1 1 pair of Import original abrasion wheel CS-10×1
27002-2 1 pair of Import original abrasion wheel H-18×1
27003 Import the original decoration sandpaper (grinding disc) S - 11 x 1 package (100 pieces/package)
27004 Import original sample sticker S - 36 (50 / package)
27005 Diamond wheel polisher (friction wheel polishing Taber)
XC001 One set of the vacuum cleaner

economical taber wear and abrasion tester

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