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fabric random tumble pilling test chamber

Description:Random tumble pilling testing equipment is to determine the resistance to pilling, fuzzing, and matting of textile fabrics using the random tumble pilling method.

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fabric random tumble pilling test chamber

Product Details


Random tumble pilling tester manufacturer is used to determine the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics.

The test specimens with dimensions of 105×105mm are put in the chambers, stainless steel impellers rotate within individually lit aluminium chambers constantly tumbling test fabrics against cork liners for a predetermined time controlled by a timer and audible alarm. Compressed air is also injected into the chamber to assist in the tumbling action. Adjustable of the pressure.

Instrument Configurations:

1. Pilling Photographic Standards;

2. Cork Liner (Pack of 50);

3. Cotton Sliver (9m);

4. Mute air compressor (optional);

5. Other necessary accessories recommended by manufacturer.

High Tech Sample Chambers

Lights inside each sample chamber allow clear viewing of the test in progress
Compressed air is injected into the test chambers to assist the tumbling action
Cork liners are cut to size to fit securely inside sample chambers

pilling resistance tester



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