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Carpet appearance tester

Description:Hexapod Tumble Drum Tester, Carpet Hexapod Tumbler Testerfor the evaluation of appearance retention of carpets, with or without padding or underlay.

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Carpet appearance tester

Product Details

This carpet appearance tester is suitable for testing the changes of surface structure and color of all carpet products requiring appearance evaluation under the action of hexapod mechanical mode.

The carpet sample is affixed to the inner wall of the roller, and a hexapod test block is placed to make the roller rotate, and the hexapod rolls on the surface of the sample. After a certain number of times, the changes in the structure and color of the surface of the carpet are evaluated.

Test Method of Hexapod Tumbler Tester:

Specimens of carpet are fastened to a flexible backing sheet with double-sided adhesive tape. This assembly is fitted on the inside surface of the drum and can easily be removed at any stage for inspection of the specimens under test. If required, an underlay may be fitted beneath the carpet for direct comparison with normal use.

The drive to the drum incorporates a reversing mechanism to give more realistic pile disturbance, and the required number of revolutions may be preset on a revolution counter. The 3.8kg tumbler has six polyurethane stud feet.

The carpet specimens are treated for 2,000 revolutions, which takes approximately one hour. They are then taken out of the drum on their backing sheet and cleaned using an upright vacuum cleaner simulating practical usage.

The specimens are replaced and the treatment repeated, normally six times, giving a total of 12,000 revolutions. After the final vacuum cleaning, the change in appearance is assessed against an appropriate set of ISO reference scales.

Standards of Hexapod Tumbler Tester:
BS EN 1471: 1997,ISO 9405: 2001
IWS test methods 247 & 251,ISO 10361: 2000 (BS)
Wools of New Zealand test methods 247 & 251

Hexapod Tumble Drum Tester

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