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Air filter testing equipment

Description:The Filter Media Test Rigs continues to be the best solution for testing particulate respirator filters.Air filter testing equipment can be used in the laboratory.

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Air filter testing equipment

Product Details

Air filter testing equipment can be used to detect the filtration efficiency and resistance of particles such as masks and filter materials in medical device inspection center, safety protection inspection center, drug inspection center, disease prevention and control center, textile inspection center, hospital, mask research & development and manufacturer.

Filter Media Test Rigs Standards:

EN 143 Protection device, particle filter requirement, test, mark

EN 149 Respiratory protection device, microparticle filter with half mask required test mark

NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 Respiratory protection device

GB/T 2626 Self - priming filter type particulate respirator of Respiratory protective equipment

GB/T 32610 Technical specification for daily protective masks

Air Filter Media Test Rigs Application:

G506 Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester is used for testing professional filter material and filtration efficiencyof a wide range of air filters including HEPA and ULPA filter, respirator, filter cartridge and protective clothing test. It also can use salt or oil mist to test filter media.

Rapid acquisition of filter media performance evaluation parameters, and accurate evaluation of filter material quality, performance, life and so on. It is convenient to user 
for academic research and product development of new filter materials, product quality control, material performance verification.

Technical Parameters




Type of aerosol

Emery 3004,DOP,DEHS, Paraffin


Average mass diameter



Average number of diameters



Geometric deviation



Aerosol concentration


15-20mg/m3 70L/min

Aerosol monitoring

Laser scatter photometer or particle counter

Monitoring range


Flow monitoring

Vane flowmeter with pressure sensor

Monitoring range


Monitoring accuracy

2% of full scale

Pressure monitoring

electronic pressure sensor / differential pressure sensor

Monitoring range

0-15cm H2O

Monitoring accuracy

2% of full scale

Air filter testing equipment


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