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Three Tips For Proventing The Novel Coronavirus Infection

2020-03-03 19:24
Nowadays, a virus named novel coronavirus pneumonia – NCP suddenly becomes the popular and terrible news in the global.
Early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis, early isolation, and early treatment are the most effective measures. It is extremely important for the confirmed cases to get an effective isolation treatment to decrease transmission.
There are three tips of Prevention and Control Knowledge.
(1) Make efforts to prevent respiratory infectious disease in winter and spring
It is presently in the high-incidence season of the winter and spring infectious diseases, the public should enhance health awareness, do more exercise, have a regular work and rest to improve their immunity.
Keep proper indoor ventilation, avoid poorly ventilated and crowded places; medical masks shall be worn when going out.
Wash hands and nose when coming home. If fever and other respiratory symptoms, especially persistent fever occurs, go to hospitals as soon as possible.
(2) Wear medical masks correctly
Wearing medical masks is an effective way of interrupting respiratory droplets transmission. Medical masks can prevent respiratory diseases properly. When wearing disposable medical masks, fully unfold folded surface, and cover mouth, nose, and lower jaw entirely, then compress nose clip, so masks and face are in full contact with each other.
Wash hands before wearing medical masks or avoid touching the inner side of masks while wearing masks to reduce masks pollution risk. Distinguish the inside and outside and up and down of masks, i.e., the light surface is the inside of masks, which closes to mouth and nose, and the dark surface is the outside of masks; the metal strip (nose clip) side is the upside of masks.
Replace masks regularly; avoid wearing reversely, and even both sides.
(3) Wash hands properly
Remember to wash hands before eating, after toilet, coming home, coming into contact with garbage and touching animals. When washing hands, use running water and soap (liquid soap), with no less than 15 seconds for rubbing hands.

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