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Textile testing

2019-06-27 16:36
Textile testing is the term for a while series of tests that examine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of textiles. These tests are sometimes done before a textile goes into widespread use, or they're done on textiles arriving from other countries for sale in US markets. 
Countries like the United States have established standards for what should and should not be in textile products. Tests can show whether companies making textiles are in compliance or not.
The testing of textile products is an expensive business. A laboratory has to be set up and furnished with a range of test equipment. Trained operatives have to be employed whose salaries have to be paid throughout the year, not just when results are required. 
Moreover all these costs are nonproductive and therefore add to the final cost of the product. Therefore it is important that testing is not undertaker without adding some benefit to the final product.
Reasons for Textile Testing:
1. Checking the quality and suitability of raw material and selection of material.
2. Monitoring of production i.e. process control.  
3. Assessment of final product, whether the quality is acceptable or not, (how will be the yam performance in weaving? etc).
4. Investigation of faulty materials (analysis of customer complaint, identification of fault in machine etc.).
5. Product development and research 6.Specification testing: Specifications are formed and the materials are tested to prove whether they fall within the limits allowed in the specification (e.g. specified by a customer).


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