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The Trendency Of Current Testing Instruments Industry

2019-04-04 17:23
Along with the development of science and technology now, instrument and meter industry in the development by leaps and bounds, coupled with the current progress and development of computer technology, network technology, to form a network and a practical monitoring system, can improve the production efficiency, and share information resources.Concerned expert points out, the current development trend of instrument industry development trend .
The current with the continuous development of technology of electronic machinery, technology progress, mature, before the price is no short cut, its application field will also continue to increase, so the miniaturization is one of the future development trend of the instrument.Micro-instruments will not only have the function of traditional instruments, but also play a unique role in automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology, medical field.
In the future the development of instruments will be more multi-functional, for this multi-functional integrated products not only in the performance (such as accuracy) than the dedicated pulse generator and frequency synthesizer, but also in a variety of test functions to provide a better solution.
Trend and artificial intelligence, the future of instrumentation in the computer application of a new field, the use of computer simulation of human intelligence.Instrument will further development, the future will contain certain artificial intelligence, is part of the mental work instead of man, thus in such aspects as sight, hearing, thinking has a certain capacity.After the application of artificial intelligence in modern instrumentation, we can not only solve a kind of problem that is difficult to be solved by traditional methods, but also hopefully solve the problem that cannot be solved by traditional methods.
With the rapid development of current network technology, Internet technology is gradually penetrating into the field of industrial control and intelligent instrument system design. In the future, the instrument industry will integrate isp and emit technology to realize its networking.The concept of networked instrumentation is a breakthrough of the traditional concept of measuring instruments.

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