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"One belt One road" strategy

2015-06-24 14:28

Textile instrument should utilize the influence of “one belt one road”

In recent years,Chinese leaders suggest “silk road economic belt” and “sea silk road in the 21th century”.it absorbs eyesight of the whole world,and receive active response from relative countries.
“one belt one road”“one belt” means “silk road economic belt”,located in inland. It has three direction, from China, from middle asia, Russia to the Europe;secondly, from Middle Asia, West Asia to the Gulf area; thirdly, from China to Southeast Asia,India. “one road”means “sea silk road in the 21th century”,the key road include 2, one from Chinese port to India,extending to Europe, another from Chinese port to South Oceania.
According to authoritative economic data statistics, in 2014 China and countries along the lines of goods trade reached 1.12 trillion us dollars, accounting for a quarter of the total amount of goods trade in our country, the future all the way "one belt one road" will become the most historical and cultural background of the industry
The Market analyzer of Shanghai Qinsun Instrument points out that Textile testing instruments should make full use of the investment bank and national policy support, constantly strengthen its own technical strength and innovation concept, fully using “one belt one road” good time, for the international influence of made in China to build a new, industrial civilization set a new chapter for the Chinese nation.
Firstly, Adequately responded to an appeal by the state, with the "the investment bank" and "area" dividend policy, which combines both fully. The investment bank will actively support area of infrastructure construction, textile instruments industry with the same money policy to increase the area of infrastructure investment, fully for industrial development in the area along the border areas top-level design and planning.
Secondly, Making use of trade rules and quality of the people's basic rules. In the country strategy of”one belt one road”Give full play to the role of the good quality foundation, is to play to the quality based on the "rules" in the international trade.only on the "one belt one road is that all countries and regions in quality "rules" maximum identification, is more conducive to manufacture products better circulation and exchange each other.
Thirdly,Will reinterpret the strength of the "made in China", to expand international market influence,made in China to revive the powers of the wind.To guide "one belt one road "road border economic development, need to create a good ecological environment, develop specifications, standards, conducive to the development of industry at a higher scientific standard led the healthy development of the ecological system.
Fourth:Under the new opportunity, China textile instrumentation industry should enhance their ability.While the iron is hot still need their own hard.China textile instrumentation industry must strengthen efforts in r&d and innovation, firmly grasp the market demand, increase the quality of the products, technology content, increase the value of the product. Through standards, measuring, testing, certification and accreditation, and inspection and quarantine of international exchanges and cooperation, with the international forefront of technology and concept, on the "one belt one road" singing, "China standard" power made in China.

Article from : Shanghai Qinsun Precision Instrument Co.,Limited

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