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The guide for using the glow wire tester

2018-10-26 16:51
Preparation before use
1、The instrument is placed in ventilation equipment room (or special ventilation in a small laboratory), in order to test after waste gas discharge in a timely manner)
2、The two weights form a complete set with thin wire two pulleys at left by the supporting plate (through the corresponding holes) hanging at the bottom of the supporting plate, the other end around below red part of the small screws
3、According to the requirements of standard to make and clamp samples
4、To determine the experiments location
a.Press the "left" button, when the glow wire head comes into contact with the red arrow loosening the "left" key part; Fixed a try in below red arrow part, make a good contact with hot wire head to try
b.Adjust the test heat depth of 7 mm. Adjust the proximity switches, lights, and fixed the induction switch of the position
c.Press the "right" button; make the car right, the right automatically stop after touching the limit
Software specifications
1、Switch on the main interface, click enter the system
2、Working interface
2-1)Test temperature: make measurement for hot wire temperature
2-2)The temperature in the cabinet: the current temperature in the cabinet
2-3)Residual flame time: keeping time for flame
2-4)More than burning time: after the flame is extinguished Mars keep time
2-5)The burning time: car contact sensor timing starts
2-6)Burning time Settings: set the burning time
2-7)Activation: the car automatically on the left, when the sample into contact with hot wire, the car is stopped on the left, timing starts burning time, burning to preset time arrives, rack back automatically
2-9) Left: test the car on the left, reaches the limit stop
2-10)Right: test the car right, reaches the limit stop
2-11)Flaming pause: time to burn, flaming start time; click, flame time to stop counting.
2-12)Pause burning: Flaming time, the burning, more than start time; click, burning, more than time to stop counting.
2-13)Heating: the heating start
2-14)Time Reset: burning time, flaming time, burning time than the time cleared and reset to start
3、Temperature compensation page
3-1)Temperature test: input the deviation compared with practical temperature value, make compensation temperature experiment
3-2)The temperature in the cabinet: input the deviation compared with practical temperature value, to compensate the temperature in the cabinet
4、The temperature curve
Test temperature real-time curve, which reflects the change trend to experimental temperature
Operation instructions about the glow wire tester
 Test procedures
1、make connect to power switch in burn cases
2、Press the "reset" button, set the burning time according to the standard requirement
3、Press the heat button access to current, a clockwise to adjust the heating power knob "current regulation"
4、After stable temperature, press the "left" button, the car will go on. When the sample into contact with hot wire, at this point the car stopped on the left, namely the instrument for timing, hot to preset time arrives, rack back automatically, trial when sample a flame, press the "residual flame pause," flame dies should press the "burning" suspended, if you want to stop the test halfway, can press the "stop" button

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