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The new opportunity

2015-06-24 14:28

The new opportunity brought by the transition of the garment industry

【International trend analyze】The intelligent industrial equipment has become the basis of the global manufacture upgrade, and the developed countries are taking the industry 4.0 as their main task.Whether the“re industrialization”trend in the America,“Internet factory”strategy in the German,or manufacturing transition in Japan,Korean,they are not only simple return the traditional industry,but also we can see the development tendency of the global industry 4.0 from the strategy adjustment and intelligent industrial process of the developed countries.
The industrial intelligent industry are promoted by the adjustment of the Chinese economical structure and the increasing cost of the labor force.The two comparable strategies in the world,one is the fusion of the informatization and industrialization by China,and another Industry 4.0 by Germany. they are dedicated at improving the manufacture of both countries.The fusion is the China Industry 4.0. Our textile and garment industry are important for the the national economy,and how to achieve the industry 4.0 should be taken into deep consideration.
One . It is urgent to achieve the industrialization of the the garment manufacture
To achieve the fusion of informatization and industrialization,it is essential to construct the intelligent factory and implement the intelligent production.
1.Informatization degree.The informatization if the pillar of the industrialization.We judge the informatization degree of a garment manufacturer by the digitization of its production process,material movement,official flow,customer contact process,and whether it generate information from the information system in the web.There are still some laggard manufacture method in the garment industry. For example:CAD software system are not used in garment design,hanging line production are not practiced in the production, web sales are not used in sales, mutual contact with the international market are not fast. In nowadays, it is impossible to attend in the international competition without the internet management system.So to establish informatization and intelligence factory is the premise of achieving the industry 4.0.
2.The current situation of industrialization.We should insist on the road of high technology,good economical benefit,low resources consumption,low environment pollution.There are over 60000000 labor in the garment manufacture,much production are proceeded by manual work,which is not enough to proceed the scale industrialization.The industry 4.0 is the high fusion of informatization and industrialization, the new manufacture model created by the mix of the internet,computer technology,information technology,software and automatic equipment.It is much better in quality,speed,complexity than the manual work. So to meet the needs of the industry 4.0,we must improve the traditional way of manufacture at our soonest.
Two. The avenue to industry 4.0
1. Improve the human resource quality
The Lack of human resource is the biggest trouble in the fusion of informatization and industrialization.The talents are the most important factor.Firstly we need the management talent,we can not compete in the market without the modern idea and global consciousness,the advanced thinking,and the internet information and knowledge. Secondly is the techniques,they must have the innovation ability and technical patent,innovation is the power of the enterprise. Thirdly we need the work operating force:who must have the skill of the operating the intelligent machine.It is a important way to improve the talent quality by training. CAD software knowledge should be promoted to the whole country,and the career training should be implemented. All textile university and college will learn the knowledge about the garment software.
2.Use the machine instead of human
It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. “machine instead of person” is a important way to industry 4.0. If CAD and digital instruments are used,it can replace the manual work in the garment measure.The plate cutting machine can replace the the manual cutting by automatic computer cutting.which are more accurate and swift. The computer cutting can cut 100 layers of fabric at one time. The fourth sewing machine can replace work of 6 persons.The  “machine instead of person” is the way yo intelligent and digital manufacture.but it is only the first step.
3.Implement “intelligent manufacture”
Two themes of  “industry 4.0”: one is smart factory, another is intelligent productions,which are applied in the transport management,mutual action of human and machine of the whole enterprise. It is not always by pursuing automatic and rejecting person,on the contrary,we hope to achieve  a higher level in the mutual action, and construct a highly efficient,environmental and comfortable factory.
Three: The opportunity brought by the industry 4.0
Opportunity 1:industry 4.0 force Chinese garment manufacturer to update the sewing machine,perform the transition,improve the requirements on the intelligent sewing equipment.The small enterprise should be eliminated and open more market for the sewing machine manufacturer.
Opportunity 2:industry 4.0 force Chinese sewing machine manufacturer to speed up and keep up with the international market.The equipment research is vital in improving the product competitiveness.
Opportunity 3:industry 4.0 force the national industry to upgrade their products,eliminate the outdated production facilities.The state of the art sewing machine are used gradually instead of the imported machine.

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