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what is quality control in textile?

2018-08-16 13:48
Quality control is a set of steps or guidelines designed to guarantee that a product or service meets certain performance standards. The goal of quality control is to ensure that an item meets the needs and specifications of the consumer population. Good quality control also helps a company to more efficiently navigate manufacturing and production processes to cut down on mistakes and waste, and maximize profit.
In the textile industry, quality control is not much different than the standard definition provided here. It is a program put into place from the very beginning of the textile manufacturing process, starting from the sourcing of raw fibers to the final stages of garment production.
Textile quality control is measured by a garment's quality as well as the various production components:
Selection of raw materials;
Fiber manufacturing;
Yarn manufacturing;
Fabric construction;
Dye and coloration;
Printing and designs;
Finishing components such as zippers or embellishments;

Quality Control Relates to Quality Assurance:Quality control (QC) bears some resemblance to quality assurance, though the two are not exactly the same. Both a set of steps or guidelines aimed at ensuring the quality of something being manufactured, quality assurance focuses on standards while a product is under development (instead of afterward). The processes are often seen in literature jointly, however, referred as QA/QC.
Implementing a QC Program:Starting, or upgrading, a quality control program requires a few steps for any organization that wants to invest in meeting customer expectation.
1. To begin, decide on your product requirements. What standards will you set to be followed?
2. Set your testing and control practices. What type of specific testing measures will you implement?
3. Assimilate data from testing and report results to leadership.
4. Determine any corrective actions that must be taken, such as repairing defective apparel.
5. Continue quality control on the new products to ensure results are satisfactory.

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